Clifford at Youth Glide New Zealand – Omarama

It was an honour to be invited to the Youth Glide New Zealand camp at Omarama by the founder Roger Read. Roger is Air New Zealand’s Boeing Dreamliner Captain. He has instructed in military and civilian aircrafts.

The camp was beyond our imagination! It had 35 youngsters aged 13-26 from all over New Zealand. All youngsters selected for this camp are fully sponsored, so you can imagine the amount of competition present to be a part of this unbelievable event.
Youngsters and their parents stay in campervans or tents. Around 100 people, including volunteers, are involved in this project.

We flew our aircraft through very tricky conditions and it was quite intimidating to see the activity from the air as we approached the airfield in Omarama. Gliders flying everywhere, Tow planes in action and finally we landed with so many people curious about Clifford – Tie-Upp Aviation’s aircraft. Most of them have not seen an aircraft like ours before , so the impact it made was great.

Roger flew our plane making him the most experienced Pilot to have flown Clifford till date. We are working on a project for youngsters around the world and I will keep you all posted. Be assured it is going to be new, unique and incredible !