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    CAS No.: 52-90-4
    Certification: HALAL, KOSHER, SC
    Standard: AJI
    Molecular formula: C3H7NO2S
    Molecular weight: 121.16
    Apperance Description: White crystalline or powder.
    Product Description: Used as a nutritional supplement(antioxidants, dough leavening agents, etc.), as well as a raw material for flavors and fragrances . It is used in special medical formula food for liver protection. This product has detoxification effect and can be used for acrylonitrile and aromatic acid poisoning. The product also has the function of preventing radiation damage to the human body. In terms of daily chemicals, it can also be used as an ingredientin whitening cosmetics and hair dyed perm preparations with no toxic side effects. In industry, it is used as pharmaceutical intermediate.Amino Acids in stock