Rod Machado - Your Instructor
Tie-Upp Aviation uses Rod Machado's e Learning Courses for Ground Training
Your Instructor: Rod Machado


In a special arrangement with Rod Machado, TieUpp Aviation is offering Rod's Private Pilot Ground School at a Special rate for TieUpp Aviation students. Please contact Tie-Upp Aviation for more information.
Your Instructor's experience
  • 10,000 hours of flight instruction given
  • Author & illustrator of seven aviation books
  • Author of over 380 aviation articles
  • FAA appointed National Accident Prevention Counselor
  • AOPA National CFI Spokesman for 15 Years
  • Holds Airline Transport Rating
  • He’s the voice of the Microsoft Flight Sim instructor and personally wrote all the essential flight lessons for that software.
  • Degrees in Psychology and Aviation Science

Rod Machado's Training Philosophy

Rod Machado’s uses his Laugh and Learn training style to help you learn quickly and efficiently. Learning should be fun and Rod makes it that way.

Books, Audiobooks and eLearning Courses

Rod provides all students with many different means of learning necessary skills. These include interactive eLearning courses with hundreds of interactive questions, books, audiobooks (for those who like to learn while driving or running and videos.

54 business and marketing concepts

Rod Machado’s Private Pilot eLearning Ground School

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Rod Machado’s Private Pilot eLearning Ground School


Rod Machado’s Private Pilot eLearning Ground School

54 business and marketing concepts

Thinking about learning to fly? Do you want to fly for a living? Would you like to refresh your knowledge for your flight review? If so, then the place to start is with Rod Machado’s new 40-hour+ private pilot eLearning ground school. This eLearning course prepares you to take the private pilot knowledge exam and provides the foundation of knowledge needed to make your flight training a more enjoyable experience.

This highly animated, interactive eLearning course is one of the most comprehensive, private pilot ground training programs on the market today. Its 26 course modules span 40-hours of highly educational, fun and interactive aviation ground training. The depth of material covered in this course is what you’d find in your traditional single-semester, college aviation ground school.

Included at the end of each lesson are FAA-like knowledge questions to reinforce what you’ve learned. And did I mention that this is also a fun and enjoyable course to study, too? I guess I did, but I don’t want you to miss this. No more reading dry, stale, study material when you can learn in an enjoyable, interactive manner. At the end of this course, you’ll be provided with a graduation certificate and endorsement to take the private pilot knowledge exam.

Here’s just a tiny sampling of the topic-tiles found in this course.

  • Aerodynamics: The Wing is the Thing (3.9 Hrs)
  • Engines: Knowledge of Engines Is Power (3.45 Hrs)
  • Electrical Systems: Knowing What’s Watt (.5 Hrs)
  • Flight Instruments: Clocks, Tops & Toys (2.5 Hrs)
  • Federal Aviation Regulations: How FAR Can We Go? (4.6 Hrs)
  • Airport Operations: No Doctor Needed (2.45 Hrs)
  • Radio Operations: Aviation Spoken Here (1.4 Hrs)
  • Airspace: The Wild Blue, Green and Red Yonder (3.5 Hrs)
  • Aviation Maps: The Art of the Chart (.85 Hrs)
  • Radio Navigation: The Frequency Flyer Program (1.9 Hrs)
  • Understanding Weather: Looking for Friendly Skies (5.8 Hrs)
  • Weather Charts and Briefings: PIREPS, Progs and METARS (3.1 Hrs)
  • Flight Planning: Getting There From Here (3.2 Hrs)
  • Airplane Performance Charts: Know Before You Go (1.7 Hrs)
  • Weight and Balance: Let’s Wait and Balance (1.4 Hrs)
  • Pilot Potpourri: Neat Aeronautical Information (2.5 Hrs)