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We make you fly & we make everyone fly!

- Fly with the best in the world
- Fly at the best location in the world
- Fly in a place buzzing with passionate, elite pilots and aviation experts

Learn to be the best. We give you every experience

- Co-pilot / Co-passenger
- Aircraft customisation and building
- Aircraft maintenance
- Aircraft innovations
- Meet elite pilots and aviation experts

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Flying for Passion and Pleasure

You always wanted to fly. You always had the desire to fly. Now you too can fly.

You have always dreamt of flying a plane. Age is just a number. You could be in your teens or in your eighties to choose this perfect option.

In as short as two weeks, you will get a hands-on experience in flying.

Learn to fly and even fulfill your dream of even owning your own aircraft.

Flying for Pleasure :

Being a co-pilot with an elite instructor gives you an opportunity to feel the controls of a flight at unbelievable locations.

Entrepreneur flying :Always dreamt of owning your own plane?

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Do you fly occasionally?Are you not sure as to how to maintain the aircraft when you are away on business ?
Well, you can have it maintained by experts and park it in private hangars at affordable costs.

  • Get a kit and build your own plane or buy a fully built aircraft.
  • Depending on your interests and flying style , you can choose your aircraft type.
  • You can use certain type of aircrafts to land on a beach, river bed or in a mountain valley, if that's your interest. Contact us to know more about the program.

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